06 Aug



Written By CompoSecure

CompoSecure has gone to great lengths to protect its employees during this pandemic. There are many new security protocols and safety processes in place, but who is in charge of ensuring all requirements are met, and metal card production is smooth sailing? Meet Mary Levitsky, one of the Quality Engineers at CompoSecure. She ensures the company meets all the ISO regulations, 3rd party requirements, and that everyone is following the company’s high standards for quality. “Bottomline, I make sure everything exceeds expectations,” Mary confesses. Her dedication has ensured that CompoSecure’s customers get the best product possible because all the work is done properly and facilities are operating at optimal capacity.

It Takes a Village

Mary will be the first to tell you, she is not alone. There are many tasked with overseeing the quality standards at the different CompoSecure facilities on each shift. Everyone has a role to play in the success of operating during this pandemic. From the board room to the mailroom, each and every CompoSecure employee has stepped up to do their part to improve metal card manufacturing and reduce the risk of COVID-19. This includes the necessary social distancing, PPE for everyone, thermal imaging cameras for temperature checks, segregated facilities, staggered shifts, and contact tracing badges for all employees to measure interactions. Mary points out that these safety measurements are essential to ensuring necessary workers on-site feel comfortable on the manufacturing floor.

Company management has shown its overwhelming support for all employees through texts, emails and virtual meetings/lunches, as company leaders worked to calm fears and help staff adapt to this new normal. From Mary’s first interview at CompoSecure, she noticed something different: “that the company had a spark, that they were onto something bigger and better. You can see that love, focus on the team and an abiding respect for all.”

Mary and the entire CompoSecure team has re-engineered the way quality checks are done and made issue resolution a top priority. These two essential functions are even more critical because of a pandemic. Problems always come up, and being able to address them quickly and safely, while ensuring our social distancing efforts, has helped CompoSecure continue to be successful.

Hardships Breed Compassion

Mary is no stranger to challenges in her life.  She has lost loved ones, been through job layoffs, taken care of disabled family members and has been the moral support for her sister after being diagnosed with COVID-19 as a frontline worker. Facing hardships throughout her life has only spurred Mary’s empathy for helping those in need in her community. In addition to supporting her sister with weekly meals, Mary volunteered at the Arc of Somerset, an organization that helps those with intellectual and developmental disabilities, before the coronavirus limited activities with the non-profit. She also serves at an animal shelter, works with local animal rescue groups and plays “foster mom” to three Pitbull puppies. She is passing on her parents’ legacy – “to take care of each other – that means the folks I work with my community and with the organizations that I’m involved with.”

CompoSecure works with its employees to fuel their passion for serving the community and finding ways to help its neighbors. The company and team members individually are very active in the local and regional communities through volunteerism, mentoring and financial support. CompoSecure has donated thousands of volunteer hours, almost 1,000 pounds of food & clothing and over $100,000 in cash donations to local charities and organizations.

Silver Lining

As the company adapts to this post-COVID world, Mary believes that many lessons have been learned from this pandemic. For instance, CompoSecure has learned to be flexible with how it communicates with its clients, being more efficient with resources and find new ways to enhance the customer experience. In addition, the team camaraderie has strengthened due to the strong support from CompoSecure’s leadership and management.  “It is all the little things that leaders do that add up to a cumulative result with employees. I bleed Compo blue. Tried and true.“

Mary, we are grateful to you and proud you are a member of our team.