Design and Innovation Studio

Differentiate your brand with a unique and secure metal card. You bring the vision, we bring customized production services that leverage cutting-edge design, materials, and technology.

Your Vision. Our Mission.

We don’t believe in designing alone. Our partner design agencies can bring your brand to life through consultations that combine your vision with our technology in a beautiful, bespoke metal card.

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Choose Your Features and Functionality.

Meet the unique needs of your customers with cutting-edge metal card technology. Our expert team of engineers, designers, and project managers will help you select the materials, technology, and security options to bring your brand to life.

Innovative Materials

We adapt the latest technology and machining techniques from the aerospace, automotive, jewelry, and fashion industries to create products that are as secure as they are beautiful. With our solutions, you can keep your customers in style while adhering to the highest quality standards.

Enhanced Durability

Our mechanical and chemical engineers use materials science, new product development, and innovative manufacturing processes—from the molecular structure of the polymers to equipment mechanics—to develop the most durable cards on the market.

Advanced Security

Today’s global landscape is ever-evolving. Our rigorous security features help you keep up. Leverage our leading, industry association-certified security practices to deliver secure experiences in a single sheet of steel.


You have to hold it to believe it. Metal cards are tactile by nature and each card is unique, which is why we develop prototypes prior to production so you can see, feel, and even hear the final product before you launch.

Packaging and Packing

The customer experience begins with unboxing. We work with exclusive partners who design luxurious packaging that complements your card to create a seamless customer experience from box to wallet.

Work with Us