Arculus® by CompoSecure

Powered by Arculus technology, CompoSecure elevates your customers' digital security experience by seamlessly integrating secure authentication and digital asset storage capabilities into their everyday wallets.


Tackle the Latest Business Security Challenges

Arculus Business Solutions offer simple, secure, tailor-made security features that are easy to implement into your tech stack.



Projected worldwide credit card fraud losses in 2023.

The Nilson Report



Data breaches are due to poor password security

Verizon Data Breach Report



Cryptocurrency stolen by scammers in 2021


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From Crypto Security to Step-Up Authentication

Build customized, multi-factor authentication solutions for your customers. Our premium metal cards and innovative Powered by Arculus technology give customers control of their digital assets with just a tap, enabling them to:

- Authorize high-value transactions
- Securely store cryptocurrencies and NFTs in cold storage
- Authenticate new devices
- Log into a bank account or other service

Ready To Offer Digital Security Solutions With Just a Tap?

Let’s build your Powered by Arculus card today.

Scalable Security Solutions

Protect and authenticate your customers with just a tap of a card on their mobile device. Businesses can amplify their existing payment capabilities on our white-labeled Arculus card using premium metal card technology with secure authentication and cold storage solutions.

Make Secure Authentication Simple

Give your customers the security they need in our easy-to-use Secure Authentication Solution. Imagine your customers authenticating themselves with just a tap of a card to their phone. No more SMS messages or authenticator apps needed, just strong security to reduce fraud, all Powered by Arculus.

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