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EMPLOYEE SPOTLIGHT: You Can Do Anything You Put Your Mind To

I first discovered CompoSecure when I was looking for a second job while pursuing my dental hygiene degree and ESL certification through college credits. I soon discovered that this was not just a job to pay my bills, but a career where I flourished. Little did I know that this would be the company that my husband and I would plant our roots.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

I began my career at CompoSecure as a Quality Inspector in 2012. I thrived in this fast-paced, collaborative environment. CompoSecure is a company that rewards hard work and strong teamwork. I rose through the ranks quickly, becoming a Quality Audit Lead, leading training sessions to nearly 100 employees on improving quality and production procedures. CompoSecure empowers employees to learn on the job, develop skills and advance their careers.

My parents raised me to be a hard worker. They instilled in me a drive to never be satisfied with the status quo, so I always look for ways to improve the processes and practices, delivering better results. Through my training in Six Sigma, I became an expert in quality and efficiency measures, and now I am writing the technical instructions to ensure we produce the highest quality products.

Silver Lining of COVID

The pandemic obviously changed our production procedures and company safety policies, but we adapted, evolved and succeeded in pivoting our business. CompoSecure’s leadership moved quickly to ensure non-production employees could work remotely, investing in the resources and technology to create an optimal work-from-home environment. The company has also gone to great lengths to protect employees who need to be at the facility with additional PPE, plexiglass partitions and contact tracing technology.

Working remotely has been a blessing to my family. Because I work from home a few days a week, I’m able to pick up my son from school. The flexible work environment allowed me to convert my commute time into productive work time.  I still go into the office a couple of days a week, so I’m able to stay connected with my co-workers, maintain friendships and build camaraderie with the team.

More Than a Job

Coming from Colombia, I knew little English, had no job skills and limited career opportunities. Industry veterans at CompoSecure, such as Dan Dundon, Senior VP of Operations, mentored me  to hone my skills and help me advance in my career.

I came to this company just looking for a paycheck, but CompoSecure has given me so much more. CompoSecure has given me a rewarding career and has become my community and extended family. My husband and I found personal and professional fulfillment when we joined the cycling team, traveling all around New Jersey before the pandemic. We, and many of our colleagues, pay our good fortune forward by serving the community through CompoSecure’s relationships with nonprofits, such as the Arc of Somerset, where I volunteered.

I plan on retiring from CompoSecure after a long and successful career!