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Who We Are

Our Team

CompoSecure fosters a culture of inclusion which allows for the collaboration to accomplish what appears, to others, as the impossible. Whether it is deep dive brainstorming or on the fly problem solving, we can focus on each job and share the successes, together.

As a result, CompoSecure has built a trusted, reliable team that includes members who have worked with us for over 35 years.

Our Leadership Team

  • Michele Logan

    Executive Chairman & Co-Founder

    Michele Logan is the Executive Chairman and Co-Founder of CompoSecure, where she oversees all aspects of the business enterprise with a focus on innovation, examining the potential for new products, and ways we can incorporate new technology into our products.

    She began her career at Prudential Insurance Company as a computer programmer. Michele transitioned easily to Sillcocks in 1991 due to her extensive internship experience there during college.

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  • Jon Wilk

    Chief Executive Officer & President

    Jon Wilk is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and President of CompoSecure where he leads all aspects of the business including Sales and Business Development, Manufacturing, R&D, and Marketing activities of the company.

    Jon brings more than 20 years of experience in banking, management consulting, and private equity portfolio companies which will help drive the future growth of CompoSecure. He most recently served as President of PayChoice …

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  • Timothy Fitzsimmons

    Chief Financial Officer

    Timothy Fitzsimmons is the Chief Financial Officer of CompoSecure and is responsible for all accounting and finance activities. He brings 30 years of experience in accounting and finance to CompoSecure with 10 years of direct industry experience.

    Timothy began his career with Coopers & Lybrand in New York City where he earned his CPA certificate in 1985. In 1989 he joined DataCard in Minneapolis, MN as part of the Corporate Finance team before becoming the Controller…

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  • Stephen Luft

    Vice President of Technical Sales

    As CompoSecure’s Vice President of Technical Sales, Stephen Luft directs all sales and marketing activities and oversees customer design projects and account management. Prior to joining CompoSecure in February 2012, Stephen served as the Director of Customer Solutions at Opsec Security and …

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  • Dan Dundon

    Senior Vice President of Operations

    Dan Dundon is CompoSecure’s Senior Vice President of Operations, responsible for Production, Quality, Maintenance, Security, and Safety. Dan brings to CompoSecure over 30 years’ direct experience in the card manufacturing industry.

    Dan started his career in…

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  • Lewis Rubovitz

    Vice President of Global Strategy
    & Business Development

    Lewis Rubovitz is the Vice President of Global Strategy and Business Development where he is responsible for partnering with the sales team to support domestic and international growth in our business while assisting the management team develop short and long-range strategic plans for the organization.

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  • Dori Skelding

    Vice President of Marketing
    & Supply Chain

    Dori Skelding is the Vice President of Marketing and Supply Chain, where she brings almost 30 years of experience in banking, printing, vendor management and card manufacturing to CompoSecure. She will lead the marketing efforts as well as Graphics, Production Planning and Supply Chain, including Purchasing, Production Planning, and Inventory Management…

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  • Adam Lowe

    Vice President of Research
    & Development

    Adam Lowe is the Vice President of Research & Development at CompoSecure. Adam leads a team of engineers and technicians responsible for new product innovation and development, process innovation, and prototype design. Adam also serves the lead technical role curating and expanding CompoSecures’s extensive patent portfolio…

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  • Luis DaSilva

    Vice President of Design Innovation
    & Co-Founder

    Luis DaSilva is the Vice President of Design Innovation at CompoSecure and was one of the original founders of the company. Luis is responsible for new product development with a focus on card composition and process parameters. He began working for the Herslow Family at Sillcocks Plastics thirty years ago when he arrived here in the United States…

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