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Who We Are

Our History

Our History Overview

CompoSecure’s heritage dates back to the 1910 founding of Sillcocks Plastics International, a leader first in the manufacturing of celluloid collars for shirts and later in the printing of radio dial components and calendar cards. Purchasing a controlling interest in Sillcocks in 1952, the Herslow family continued to grow the company, and in 1967, named their eldest child, John, to the Product Management team. John’s background in chemical engineering and material science provided the technical lens that allowed Sillcocks to expand their offerings to include disc calculators, slide rules, advertising specialties and direct mail cards.

In the 1980s and 90s, under John’s tenure, Sillcocks launched the production of ID and smart cards with contact chip modules and RFID tags, making Sillcocks the second manufacturer of MasterCard products in the world. Focused on remaining at the forefront of evolving technology, Sillcocks led the industry as the first commercial plastic printer to utilize UV curing during the printing process.

As the need for extended card life sparked the principals’ interest in the development of composite card materials for the ID card market, John’s second daughter, Michele Logan, joined the team in 1991, with a background in computer science and industrial management. Together, with Luis DaSilva, the team merged their core strengths of chemistry, materials science and new product development to form CompoSecure in 2000.

From the first metal transaction card produced in 2003 through today, this unique company now offers secure, innovative and durable proprietary products and professional services to a wide variety of clients worldwide.

Our Company Milestones

  • 1910Sillcocks Plastics was founded, specializing in celluloid collars for shirts
  • 1915Sillcocks started printing radio dial components and calendar cards
  • 1952The Herslow Family bought controlling interest of Sillcocks Plastics
  • 1967John Herslow joined the Production Management team
  • 1991Michele Logan, John’s daughter, joined Sillcocks
  • 1996 – Michele takes over as Head of Sales
  • 2000CompoSecure is formed
  • 2003Composite Card patent issued
  • 2003First metal card produced
  • 2004AmericanExpress certification for manufacturing
  • 2004Michele becomes VP, General Manager, company concentrates on new product development
  • 2005 – CompoSecure is the first North American manufacturer of 100% polycarbonate laser reactive cards
  • 2007Laser markable secure document patent issued
  • 2010 – CompoSecure obtains MasterCard certification for manufacturing
  • 2011 – CompoSecure produces first EMV chip metal card (first EMV chip card issued in the USA)
  • 2011 – First metal card exported to Asia
  • 2012 – CompoSecure expands metal cards into the retail segment
  • 2012 – Plant move to Somerset, NJ
  • 2014Combination card of metal and plastic patent issue
  • 2014First metal dual interface card prototype produced
  • 2014 – CompoSecure obtains VISA certification for manufacturing

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