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Prelam Materials

CompoSecure offers patented prelaminated products and sub-assemblies to plastic card manufacturers. Our polyester composite prelam material exceeds industry standards and extends card life up to ten years.

Available in sheet or roll form, our composite materials are delivered ready to be incorporated into standard manufacturing processes.

PET Prelams

CompoSecure’s standard polyester prelam product line includes clear and white prelams made of buffered polyester composite material. These .005” (125 micron) or .006” (150 micron) prelams can be positioned in the center of cards or as an outside laminate. This allows for laser engraving, with the option to direct-to-card print and retransfer print. We also offer .003” (75 micron) clear prelams as an overlay option for contactless and dual interface card constructions.

Our PET prelam product line uses the most durable plastic card material in the world. Even one .006” (150 micron) sheet placed in the center of the card “sandwich” will extend card life to up to five years, and two .006” (150 micron) sheets placed on either side of the core material will extend card life to up to ten years.

CompoSecure’s white prelam is suggested as a replacement for industry standard white Polyester because our technology eliminates the Z Axis failure typically seen in cards manufactured with white PET. It is also recommended for applications where 2D barcodes are required.

Additionally, product enhancements such as magnetic stripes or custom prelams designed to customer specifications are available.

Click to download PET Prelam Specifications and PET Prelam Material Safety Data Sheet.

Foil Prelams

Our patented metallic foil prelam can transform standard plastic cards into high quality, durable and attractive financial transaction, gift or ID cards.

Our foil prelam product line is designed to accommodate diverse needs. We offer a .008” (200 micron) and a .010” (250 micron) prelam, both of which are available with an embedded registered or unregistered holographic foil pattern. We also offer .005” (125 micron) or .006” (150 micron) embedded registered spot hologram or embedded holographic foil stripe prelams.

In the near future, our foil prelam offerings will include optional antennae additions.

Click to download Foil Prelam Specifications and Foil Prelam Material Safety Data Sheet.

Laser engravable Composite Prelams

CompoSecure’s composite prelams are patented products, made with polycarbonate or polyester (PET) materials that are manufactured only by CompoSecure. Our prelams are typically sold with a thickness of .005” (125 micron), but are also available in custom thicknesses.

Using our advanced materials science technology and laser reactive Polycarbonate or laser reactive PET blend, our prelams maximize the security of documents (such as Driver’s Licenses, National ID cards and E-Passport Bio-pages). For polycarbonate prelams, this additional security is achieved while still allowing lamination of the laser reactive Polycarbonate to other center core card materials such as Polyester or PVC. This results in a more secure construction at a significantly lower cost than typical 100% polycarbonate documents.

Our composite prelams are exceptionally durable and will withstand ISO 10343 severe service prolonged humidity tests that industry standard adhesive coated polycarbonate will fail.

Click to download Laser Engravable Prelam Specifications.

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