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What We Offer

High Security Documents

Nothing is more important than ensuring the protection of a person’s identity. Today, counterfeiters have many new tools to implement that give them the ability to easily create large compromises. CompoSecure’s innovative approach allows our clients to stay several steps ahead.

CompoSecure’s state-of-the-art, secure manufacturing facility enables us to produce custom high security identification cards. We work with clients, like homeland security departments in many countries, to build and manufacture cards that are ideally suited for their needs.

Cards can include security features such as clear windows, embedded OVDs, holograms, holographic stripes, contactless technology, rainbow guilloche printing and optically variable inks to name a few.

We prepare our cards to withstand a variety of document attack techniques. These techniques include the alteration of existing real documents, the creation of new counterfeit documents using pieces of existing or expired real documents and the generation of complex counterfeit documents.

Essential Elements of Security

Even from our earlier years with Silcocks Plastics, we recognized that nothing is more important than card and document security. CompoSecure prides itself on the security and durability of its cards.

There are three main categories of optical security: Level I – overt (visible to the human eye), Level II – covert (visible with the aid of a simple device such as a magnifier or UV light) and Level III – forensic (detectable only by trained personnel and special equipment). Any card can be made secure across all of these levels through some combination of optical security and electronic devices. We offer both optical and electronic security options and work with our clients to employ the right mix of security measures for each card.
Visit our resources page for more specific information regarding these security features.

Using CompoSecure’s security technology, our cards can:

  • Have the required number of security level features based on application and threat level.
  • Use a layered approach where two or more levels of security overlap each other (e.g. laser personalizing a card and demetallizing a hologram at the same time).
  • Use controlled materials not available to the public or run on specialized uncommon production equipment.
  • Use solid or cross-linking adhesives and inks so that the card will be durable enough that it will be destroyed if attempts are made to take it apart.
  • Pass all ISO and regulatory testing, including adversarial analysis.
  • Be consistently manufactured in a form that is readily identifiable by the public.
  • By prioritizing security through both the card manufacturing, materials and customization processes for each project, we consistently build the optimal card for each application.

    PET/PVC Composite Cards

    PET/PVC Composite Cards are produced with our own proprietary PET Composite Prelams and a wide array of security features, including laser engraved serial numbers and barcodes. These cards withstand INCITS severe service testing, and are optimal for high heat and high humidity environments like Asia, Africa and South America.

    Polycarbonate Cards

    Our Polycarbonate Cards feature all the security features and customization of our PET/PVC Composite Cards, but with the added benefit of photo laserability. This technology uses advanced materials science and laser reactive polycarbonate to transform the card material at the molecular level during the laser personalization process, making Polycarbonate Cards maximally secure and durable.