Compo Secure

What We Offer

Embedded in every product we manufacture, our professional services allow CompoSecure
to provide the highest level of service to satisfy the needs of all our customers worldwide.
This allows us to offer unique materials and products not commonly found through other card manufacturers.


Armed with over 200 years of combined experience in the plastic card industry, including a wide array of creative, technological, and scientific expertise, CompoSecure is able to guide customers in producing the most unique and highest quality secure cards.

Areas include:  

  • Graphic Design and Printing
  • Materials Development
  • Laser Marking Applications
  • Card Durability
  • Secure Document Materials
  • Specialty Security Features
  • New Product Development

    As a key innovator in the plastic card industry since inception, our team of industry experts, engineers and scientists consistently rise to the challenge in partnership with our clients to develop new products in the security and financial industries.

    Some of these developments include:  

  • Unique Financial Transaction Cards
  • Leading Edge Gift Cards
  • Embedding of Unique Optical Security Features
  • Metal Cards

    Our proprietary technology has made us the industry leader for the production of luxury metal cards.

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    Prelam Materials

    CompoSecure offers a diverse array of prelam materials to enhance the cards of our clients.

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    High Security Documents

    CompoSecure’s state-of-the-art facility and leading edge technology allows us to produce maximally secure identification cards in-house.

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