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Financial Services

As the demand grows to provide differentiated card products and services to the affluent consumer, CompoSecure is well positioned to assist with creating unique experience for financial institutions. We are dedicated to combining the need for security with high quality card designs to elevate the cardholder experience at the point of sale.

We have many years of experience in producing sophisticated, premium cards, imbuing each card with an understated elegance that enhances the cardholder’s payment experience and elevates your company’s brand.

Whether it is servicing larger affluent portfolios or much smaller groups of ultra high net worth customers, CompoSecure has a metal card product to fit any situation. Unique features are important to affluent cardholders, and CompoSecure’s proprietary luxury card technologies allow us to make cards that get noticed. Well designed cards like this are immediately recognizable and make your most valued customers feel exclusive.

Each of our cards is made with a unique combination of high quality, guaranteed security and recognizable aesthetic appeal that will delight your valued customers.


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