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How can we help?

How we can help?


CompoSecure always puts the client first, and we want to help you find exactly the information you need. Let us know how we can best help you today!

ISO 9001: 2005 Certified

Industries We Serve

We currently serve customers in North America, South America, the Middle East, Africa, Europe and Asia.

We are actively broadening our reach worldwide, providing high quality products to:

Financial Services

CompoSecure can provide any financial institution with the perfect luxury payment card through our proprietary technology and customization.

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Secure Identification

CompoSecure designs ID cards and secure documents that satisfy stringent security requirements to give our clients peace of mind.

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Luxury retail and gifting

CompoSecure gives retail clients a competitive edge through our customized luxury financial transaction, membership and gift card designs.

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Luxury resorts and casinos

CompoSecure’s attractive, customized card designs integrate perfectly with the high-end experience provided at luxury resorts and casinos.

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Plastic Card Manufacturers

CompoSecure’s proprietary prelam materials extend card life to up to ten years with minimal effort on the part of plastic card manufacturers.

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